Company introduction

     Wuxi Yintai metal products Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise which integrates the development, production and processing of rare and precious metal accessories. The company is one of the top three companies in the precious metal products industry in China. It is a member enterprise of the National torch project "xishan new material industry base". As one of the first enterprises in the industry to pass the ISO 9001:2008 version of the quality management system, the ISO 1401:2004 version of the environmental management system and the ISO 1801:2011 version of the occupational health and safety management system, the Vice Chairman Unit of the Platinum Industry Forum of the China Mining and Geology Professional Committee is now registered with 110 million yuan, with an annual output value of over 1.4 billion yuan, a bank credit rating of AAA and a tax rating.
The company's leading products include TFT-based Precious Metal Set Equipment, Dispersion Reinforced Platinum Rhodium Glass Leakboard, Precious Metal Thermocouple Wire, Platinum Catalyst Network, Silver Powder for Solar Silver Pulp, Contact Materials, Precious Metal Separation and Purification, Gold Salt, Composite Materials, Precious Metal Products(including Pipe, Sheet, Crucible), etc.. All products have met relevant Chinese national and international standards(using GB and IEC standards). Enterprises have introduced the most advanced production equipment at home and abroad, and now have the international first-class smelting, forming and monitoring equipment.While introducing foreign advanced technology, the British and Thai school does not forget to digest and absorb the new technology. The key technology for the manufacture of rare precious metal materials and equipment has been successfully applied to the National 863 project, the production line of liquid crystal electronic substrate glass(TFT-LCD), which has been developed by the British Special Mission and achieved international performance targets, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies over the new flat panel display industry. There are also platinum Rhodium Palladium precious metal and equipment manufacturing technology developed by the British mission technical team has reached the international advanced level. A number of key independent research and development technology make the British special school in the precious metal industry in China, some products in the precious metal equipment market share firmly in the first.
The core of innovative technology is talent. Wuxi has a United, dynamic and innovative research and development team. At present, there are more than 50 professional research and development personnel, 3 doctors, 9 masters. On this basis, the British special mission also developed a set of complete talent training and development system, attracted a large number of forward-looking industry talent, provided for the company's continued development of talent. Relying on innovative talents in science and technology, Yingtepai developed and perfected a set of complete and mature research and development procedures and professional research and development management model, with special departments organizing research and development of new materials, new technology and new products. After continuous exploration and innovation, the company currently has more than 10 patents authorized inventions, dozens of patents are being applied for.

    he company actively seeks to cooperate with the rainbow group to build "flat panel display rare precious metal materials and equipment research and development center", built respectively provincial engineering technology research center and municipal technology center, and the Nanjing Polytechnic University established a total of 3000 square meters research experimental base; It has established a long and good cooperative relationship with MIT, Nanjing Polytechnic University, Jiangnan University, Donghua University, Chongqing Institute of Science and Technology, US politics company, Korea DSM company and other well-known international enterprises and academic institutions. "ITP" series of products widely serve in the metallurgical, chemical, glass, electronic communications, aerospace and other fields, sales and quality of technology has been maintained in China for many years, has become a prestigious domestic precious metals industry brand.
Since its establishment, the British Special Mission has gone through 15 years of rapid development, and the New Year has begun again. At a new starting point, the British Special Mission will achieve steady, rapid and leapfrogging development. To make the British special mission into the first domestic and international top three well-known enterprises.